Tips To Save Money

Here are some easy tips for you to save money so that you’re able to have daily cash for life.


  1. Time your shower so you save on your bills.
  2. Hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.
  3. Always carry a snack on your bag, so you’re not spending extra cash on food when you get hungry.
  4. Bring a lunch instead of buying lunch.  It saves you A LOT of money.
  5. Don’t have a cellphone and a landline.  Choose one or the other so you’re not spending on extra phone bills that you don’t use.
  6. Pay off your credit card as soon as you get the bill so you’re not stuck with paying the interest rate.
  7. Better yet, don’t use a credit card.
  8. If you do use a credit card, get one that gives you a percentage back of what you spend.
  9. Walk or take public transit instead of driving or taking a cab.  If you buy transit passes in bulk, there’s a good chance there will be a discount.
  10. Look for the discounted items in the grocery store.  There should be a section where if it’s close to the expiry date, items will be 50% off.
  11. Don’t take out cash if you don’t immediately need it.  Cash is a sure way to spend without even noticing how much you’re spending.
  12. Wait until clothes go on sale.  If it’s meant to be, it will still be there.
  13. Turn off the water when doing dishes.
  14. Instead of going to fitness classes, watch them on TV and do the steps at home.
  15. Don’t use the AC in the summer – open the windows instead and use a fan.
  16. Turn your heat on low in the winter – layer up on clothes and blankets, and stay cozy with a buddy.
  17. Cancel your cable.  Instead, use Netflix or another type of streaming account.
  18. Have a potluck.  This way you don’t have to provide all the food, and you can still have a party.
  19. Exchange books or movies with friends instead of buying new ones.
  20. Shop after holidays seasons.  Most of the items will be on sale and they will be good sales.

So that’s it for our first blog post.  Make sure to check back.  We will be posting more on how to save your money so that you can be rich every day.